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Retro Burma Shave sign on Route 66 "Crookton Road" between Ashfork, Arizona and Seligman, Arizona

History of Main Street America


US Route 66 (Will Rogers Memorial Highway) existed from November 26, 1926 - June 27, 1985.  After it was officially removed from the US Highway System on June 27, 1985 when it was replaced by the Interstate Highway System, various states designated portions of the original road as a National Scenic Byway known as "Historic Route 66".

Route 66 was the 20th century version of the golden road to the Promise Land. It wove hundreds of miles through the Midwest (Illinois, Missouri, Kansas) and across Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona before reaching California and the Pacific Coast.  Those adventurous souls who migrated west looking for employment and a better life were the support system that kept the businesses in the communities along the way thriving and prosperous.  Route 66 well deserves the name "The Mother Road" with its nurturing effect on both the travelers and the business owners who experienced its glory over the years, both then and now.

U.S. Department of Transportation

Route 66 travel  "Route 66 became a popular route because of the active promotion of the U.S 66 Highway Association, which advertised it as “the shortest, best and most scenic route from Chicago through St. Louis to Los Angeles." Travel 66

History Trivia

On November 11th, 1926 a committee of federal and state highway officials met in Pinehurst, North Carolina, and signed off on the interstate routes for all 48 states. Route 66 was born.

Route 66 was originally numbered Route 60. When Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia insisted on that designation for their interstate, Route 60 was forced to accept the seemingly inferior title of Route 66.

Route 66 is approximately 2,400 miles long and runs through 8 states Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma,Texas, New Mexico and California.

When Route 66 was commissioned in 1926, only 800 miles of it were already paved. It would be 10 years before the remainder of the route was completely paved.

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Route 66 Travel Adventure

Route 66 winds through the Arizona Mountains passing historic Cool Springs on the way to Oatman, AZ

Route 66 is Ready to Showcase Its Treasures - Cool Springs, Arizona

Join us on "The Mother Road"

The Jackrabbit Trading Post in Arizona was an inspiration for the movie Cars.

Iconic Landmarks - Jack Rabbit

Enjoy Fun Attractions

Westside Lilo's in Seligman, Arizona is a classic Route 66 diner. One of the many local diners on 66

Retro Cafes - Lilo's Seligman, Arizona

Enjoy Local Diners

The Canyon Lodge is a local motel typical of the early days of Route 66. Rest assured on Route 66.

Local Lodging - Canyon Lodge

Home Sweet Home Away From Home

Travel on Route 66 is fun when you go in style - vitnage trailer with classic car.

Classic Vehicles - with vintage travel trailer

Many Ways to Travel

Route 66 - RV Parks

Old billboards on Route 66 - add color and are part of the 2,400 Route 66 driving museum.

New Mexico

Santa Rosa Campground Santa Rosa NM (575) 472-3126

 Route 66 RV Resort   Albuquerque, NM (505) 352-8000  

Route 66 RV Park  Edgewood, NM  (505) 281-0893

Blaze-in-Saddle RV Park  Tucumcari, NM (575) 815-4085

USA RV Park Gallup, NM  (505) 863-5021

Enchanted Trails RV Park Albuquerque, NM (505) 831-6317


Big Texan RV Ranch Amarillo TX 866 244 7447 Route 66 Travel

Route 66 RV Ranch  Amarillo, TX   (806) 359-0921 

Texas Route 66 RV Park Shamrock, TX  (806) 256-5353

Midpoint Campground  Adrian, TX (806) 344-6530

Oasis RV Resort Amarillo, TX (806) 356-8408

Fort Amarillo RV Park Amarillo, TX (806) 331-1700

Retro RV in Arizona passing through Monument Valley in Arizona. The color of scenic Arizona.


Meteor Crater RV Park Winslow, AZ (928) 289-4002 Route 66

Woody Mountain Campground Flagstaff, AZ (928) 774-7727


Route 66 KOA Holiday Springfield, MO (417) 831-3645

Lamplight Lane RV Resort  Waynesville, MO  (573) 774-2727

Old route 66 RV Park Rolla, MO  (573) 466-9381

Camp Mi Casa on the Route Carthage, MO (417) 358-7829 route 66 travel

R.V. Express 66 RV Park Marshfield, MO (417) 859-7837

Strafford RV Park Strafford, MO (417) 736-3382

Rest a spell and enjoy your route 66 road trip. It's the journey not the destination.



Route 66 RV Park - Sapulpa, OK (918) 224-3750

Deep Creek RV Park Sayre, OK (580) 928-3003

Route 66 RV Park Elk City, OK (580) 225-0960

Elk City / Clinton KOA Journey Foss, OK (580) 592-4409

Oak Glen RV Park  Chandler, OK (405) 258-2994

Old 66 RV Park El Reno, OK (405) 262-1199

Territory Route 66 RV  Park Hinton, OK (405) 542-6566

Route 66 Experience

An American Experience

Route 66 travel. From Chicago to Los Angeles. 2,488 miles of Americana. Explore and enjoy the history of Route 66 and "The Mother Road".

Route 66 is more than just a highway.  It is America's Highway.  It is more than just a paved road leading you from one destination to another.  It IS the destination.

The Route 66 experience encompasses everything from becoming mesmerized by the historic buildings that have been meticulously preserved to meeting well-known and loved personalities whose passion for the Mother Road is so contagious that it becomes a memory emblazend in your mind forever. Travel 66

Old Route 66 in Ashfork, Arizona. Original section of "The Mother Road"

Old Route 66 in Ashfork, Arizona. Original section of "The Mother Road"

Useful Travel Information

Seligman, Arizona a 1955 Chevy, 1946 Invader trailer, large American flag, coffee shop.

Enjoy Local Flavor on "The Road"

 Calendar of Route 66 Fest1vals

and Car Shows

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Route 66 Associations

Illinois - Route 66 Association of Illinois

Missouri - Route 66 Association of Missouri

Kansas - Kansas Historic Route 66 Association

Oklahoma - Oklahoma Route 66 Association

Texas - Texas Old Route 66 Association

New Mexico - New Mexico Route 66 Association

Arizona - Route 66 Association of Arizona

California - California Historic Route 66 Association

Australia - Route 66

Brazil - Route 66

Canada - Canadian Route 66 Association

Czech Republic - Czech Route 66 Association

France - Association of France

Germany - Germany 66 Organization

Hungary - Hungarian Route 66 Association  Route 66 travel

Route 66 Diners

Historic Sno Cap Restaurant Ice Cream Stand in Histroric Seligman, Arizona on Route 66. Icon on 66


Weezy's Hamel, IL

The Ariston Cafe Litchfield, IL on Route 66

Route 66 Cafe Litchfield, IL


Route 66 Diner St Robert Mo.


Joe's Diner Strafford, Mo.

Midpoint Cafe in Adrian, Texas. The Mid Point on Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles.


CAFE on the ROUTE Baxter Springs, KS

Cars on the Route Galena, KS travel Route 66.

Red Onion Espressoria - Galena for Route 66 travel.

Weston's Cafe Baxter Springs, KS


Rock Cafe Stroud, OK

Pops Arcadia  Arcadia, OK

Lucille’s Roadhouse Diner  Weatherford, OK Route 66 travel.

Tally's Good Food Café Tulsa, Ok on Route 66

HWY 66 Diner  Catoosa, OK

Big Texan Restaurant and Saloon on Route 66 in Amarillo Texas


Route 66 Classic Diner Rockwall, 66

Stockyard Cafe  Amarillo, TX

Midpoint Cafe & Gift Shop

The Big Texan  Amarillo, TX

New Mexico

66 Diner Albuquerque, NM

Route 66 Diner  Gallup, NM

Route 66 Railway Cafe Gallup, NM

West Side Lilo's Cafe and Restaurant in Seligman, Arizona Route 66. Authentic German American food.


Mr D'z Route 66 Diner Kingman, AZ

Rutherford's Route 66 Family Diner Kingman, AZ


Route 66 Classic Grill Canyon Country, CA

Legends Classic Diner Glendora, CA

Carla's Route 66 Diner Yucca Valley, CA Route 66 Travel

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