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Retro Burma Shave sign on Route 66 "Crookton Road" between Ashfork, Arizona and Seligman, Arizona

History of Main Street America


US Route 66 (Will Rogers Memorial Highway) existed from November 26, 1926 - June 27, 1985.  After it was officially removed from the US Highway System on June 27, 1985 when it was replaced by the Interstate Highway System, various states designated portions of the original road as a National Scenic Byway known as "Historic Route 66".

Route 66 was the 20th century version of the golden road to the Promise Land. It wove hundreds of miles through the Midwest (Illinois, Missouri, Kansas) and across Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona before reaching California and the Pacific Coast.  Those adventurous souls who migrated west looking for employment and a better life were the support system that kept the businesses in the communities along the way thriving and prosperous.  Route 66 well deserves the name "The Mother Road" with its nurturing effect on both the travelers and the business owners who experienced its glory over the years, both then and now.

U.S. Department of Transportation -History

Route 66 travel  "Route 66 became a popular route because of the active promotion of the U.S 66 Highway Association, which advertised it as “the shortest, best and most scenic route from Chicago through St. Louis to Los Angeles." Travel 66...

History Trivia - "Did You Know"?

On November 11th, 1926 a committee of federal and state highway officials met in Pinehurst, North Carolina, and signed off on the interstate routes for all 48 states. Route 66 was born...

Route 66 Preservation

All 8 states that Route 66 travels through has Route 66 Associations. Their goal is the preservation of Route 66. Along with Route 66 preservation efforts they provide interesting history and factual data about Route 66...

Route 66 USA

Information about the "Land of Opportunity" - USA.- Some statistical data that might interest international travelers about The United States of America on your Route 66 journey.

Route 66 Travel Adventure

Route 66 winds through the Arizona Mountains passing historic Cool Springs, Arizona on the way to Oatman, AZ

Route 66 is Ready to Showcase Its Treasures - Cool Springs, Arizona

Join us on "The Mother Road"

The World Famous Jackrabbit Trading Post in Arizona was an inspiration for the movie Cars.

Iconic Landmarks - Jack Rabbit

Enjoy Fun Attractions

Westside Lilo's in Seligman, Arizona is a classic Route 66 diner. One of the many local diners on 66. German American food served here.

Retro Cafes - Lilo's Seligman, Arizona

Enjoy Local Diners

The Canyon Lodge is a local motel typical of the early days of Route 66. Rest assured on Historic Route 66.

Local Lodging - Canyon Lodge

Home Sweet Home Away From Home

Route 66 travel is fun when you go in style - vintage trailer with classic car heading for a RV Park in Arizona.

Classic Vehicles - with vintage travel trailer

Many Ways to Travel

Explore - Interactive Route 66 Map

East End - West End - Current Weather

Route 66 Travel Information - Links

Route 66 Festivals - Route 66 Events

Route 66 Festivals - Route 66 Events

Route 66 Festivals - Route 66 Events

Scene at a Route 66 Festival in Cuba, Missouri. Enjoy the local towns and get ready for 66 photos.

Find a Route 66 festival or route 66 event as you journey on your Route 66 Experience..

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Route 66 Associations

Route 66 Festivals - Route 66 Events

Route 66 Festivals - Route 66 Events

A familiar Route 66 tourist stop in Eric, Oklahoma. Host to many  international Route 66 travelers.

There are Route 66 Associations in each of the Route 66 states. There are also numerous Route 66 International Associations.

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Route 66 Diners

Route 66 Festivals - Route 66 Events

Route 66 Museums

Joe and Aggies Cafe is a small town, Holbrook, Arizona, favorite. This is one of the inspirations fo

Return to the 50's at one of the classic diners on Route 66. Many cafe's are in historic buildings and add to your photo fun on Route 66

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Route 66 Museums

Route 66 RV Parks

Route 66 Museums

Santa Rosa Auto Museum is full of classic cars and route 66 memorabilia.

Family Fun. A stop for all ages for education and reminiscing. Historic Route 66 is on display.

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Route 66 RV Parks

Route 66 RV Parks

Route 66 RV Parks

Side trips off Route 66 Arizona include Monument Valley, The Grand Canyon and the Petrified Forest.

Route 66  RV travel is a good way to meet fellow travelers. In the western states enjoy the wide open spaces.

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Route 66 Videos

Route 66 RV Parks

Route 66 RV Parks

Travel trailer on the corner in Winslow, Arizona. This is a popular way for Route 66 travel.

Route 66 videos - capturing some of the colorful people and events on Route 66.

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Route 66 Experience

An American Experience

Route 66 travel. From Chicago to Los Angeles. 2,448 miles of Americana. Explore and enjoy the history of Route 66 and "The Mother Road".

Route 66 is more than just a highway.  It is America's Highway.  It is more than just a paved road leading you from one destination to another.  It IS the destination.

The Route 66 experience encompasses everything from becoming mesmerized by the historic buildings that have been meticulously preserved to meeting well-known and loved personalities whose passion for the Mother Road is so contagious that it becomes a memory emblazend in your mind forever. Travel 6

Old Route 66 in Ashfork, Arizona. Original section  "The Mother Road". Explore Main Street America.

Old Route 66 in Ashfork, Arizona. Original section of "The Mother Road" Route 66 USA        


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Route 66 Seligman, Arizona

Route 66 Seligman, Arizona

Prime Route 66 commercial property on Route 66 in 

 Yavapai County Parcel # 301 26 048 

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